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New Facebook group



New member
Dec 2, 2009
Hello. I wondered if it would be ok to post a message to inform members here about a new Facebook group that I have set up for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents?

If you do not agree I would completely understand but at the same time I do not know personally anyone else who has a parent with narcissistic personality disorder, so I am reaching out online and informing people of my group as there wasnt one set up dealing with this specific area on Facebook. The group is moderated by myself and is by request or invitation only and members posts are not seen in search engines in Facebook.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

kind regards :grouphug:



I would be cautious about setting up a face book especiallly for children. It might attract unwanted characters and cause some danger to the children. You could use some sort of picture, but not a photograph. - my opinion only.
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