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New(did i post this already?)



Jan 24, 2014
i've made a few posts already but figured i would 'introduce' myself.

i'm 21 and just moved to the big island of hawaii. i'm diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, OCD, ADHD, insomnia, and i heard some traits of borderline personality disorder, but i don't know exactly exactly what my diagnosis list is...

i'm a pretty quiet person in person but when i get on a computer i can type much more than i could ever talk in a day. i struggle with self harm and have struggled since i was 11. currently relapsed back into my eating disorder(restricting and purging). and i have a problem with drugs too. if they're in my reaching distance, i will take it.

lately i've been having issues with my anger spiking over the smallest things. in the moment, i don't give two sh+ts about who's feelings i'm hurting, it's like i'm a different person. but after it's all done and a bit later i'll just be consumed by guilt and feel horrible for saying some things. i've been getting these weird urges because of some intrusive thoughts i keep getting, but i've been managing them.

i don't know what else to say.
that's good i guess.


Well-known member
Oct 24, 2013
kitchen or bathroom
From what you said, you have a good heart. The way I try to manage my anger problem is to be more aware and appreciative of my good heart. And I try to forgive yourself for your hurtful acts. I know it's hard to do this.

Welcome. You are among many hoalohas here.