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New dad suffering postnatal depression



New member
Oct 3, 2019

I recently became a dad for the first time two months ago. My wife and I had planned to have a child and got pregnant fairly quickly. The build up to the pregnancy was exciting and I felt prepared for my new role in the Childs life and our new start as a family.

Now that our baby is home I feel hopelessly depressed and detached, despite my best effort to bond with the baby I just don't feel anything. I feel physically exhausted feeling this way and just want to hide and sleep so I can forget I'm feeling like this. The overarching feeling is that of massive regret, and I keep thinking about our life before the baby came along and how perfect it was and what compelled us to bring a child into the mix - a dreadful thought I know but I just don't know how to feel positive at the moment and its debilitating and at times making me feel like a want to die to escape it all. I had an honest conversation with my wife about how I was feeling and she was really sympathetic and pretty upset that she couldn't do anything to help me, now I feel like the longer this goes on the more I will push her away and damage the bond between myself and my child.

Last week I visited my GP and was prescribed some anti depressants but was told it could be a long road before they start to work. Although on taking the first couple of doses I did feel a bit better, however now I'm going deeper and deeper down into depression and can't really see the point in anything. I never expected to feel this way and am genuinely sad when I wake up in the morning.

If anyone can offer hope, I would really appreciate it right now.



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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Hi sash and welcome. Firstly congratulations on the birth of your little on. We all think we know how well react when a baby arrives but its different for everyone. Most people comment on the mother and what she’s gone thru but you as a dad have been thru a lot of changes. You’ve probably been used to being able to go out for a meal when you want, come. Inwhen you want . Now everything is being controlled by a little feeding and pooping machine. Do you think it could be that now your realising you’ve got a lifelong responsibility and its just sinking in and scaring you a bit. When you wife has her next visit with the midwife go with her and you talk to the midwife about your worries. Their there for you as well. There may even be a new dads group that you could get involved with where you could chat with other likeminded men and you may realise that your feeling aren’t all that unusual