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New Anxiety Feeling??? Please HELP! :-(



Mar 25, 2020
I stopped drinking on in January and my anxiety has been in full force. I have a dull ache in the back of the throat, a lump in the throat and just general “white knuckle” tension.

About a day and a half ago I starting feeling a slight “hair raising” or “tingling” feeling on the top of my left hand, left forearm, left upper arm opposite side of the bicep and left scalp above the ear?

It seems to come and go and each episode lasts maybe 5-10 seconds and then subsides.

Usualky when someone gets the chills it’s more of a full even distribution, right?

Has anyone ever experienced this?


Well-known member
Apr 11, 2020
Anxiety always causes a panic feeling in me so maybe you might have the same, panic feelings.


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Nov 18, 2018
Calgary alberta
Were you abusing alcohol and relying on it?? If so that's the problem alcohol will upset your brain and especially Gaba levels. That's why benzo and alcohol withdraw symptoms are both the worse. Your use to getting certain chemicals and since you out them in with booze your brain does not make GABA or other chemicals and you get withdrawal and anxiety and shaking until your GABA starts being produced again and your brain repairs itself. I'd try suppliments like l theanine and fish oils and look up other ones specifically for alcholics. It also could be just ur anxiety returning while it was temporarily masked from booze. I had to go on celexa and that's really helped my anxiety big time. You need to try treatments that's all
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