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New and suffer bad from anxiety/panic attacks



May 18, 2019
Just came across this thread, it's so nice to hear that there are people who experience the same as I do and I'm not the only one. My health anxiety takes on many different forms; chest pains I.e tightness quick sharp pains. Feeling sick, dizzy or just not quite myself. I've have also experienced the tingling sensations which can be in my head and face just one side, which then triggers the panic of having a stroke. But the tigling/ numbness can be in my arms legs depending. A common one for me is a pain down my left arm and the feeling of been choked( tightness round my neck and throat area). I've had this for 10 years and in that time I have panicked about having various disease and illnesses at different times such as stroke,heart attack,mouth cancer, breast cancer,brain tumour. All of which I haven't had. I was obsessive in checking myself constantly and googled symptoms this I no longer do. My anxiety is still there ever day and 98% of the time I'm in control of it, but it seems when I'm particularly stressed in work/life etc that's when it sneaks up and trys take control like the past week I've been extremely anxious and unable to regain control of my logical thoughts which know I'm not dying or seriously Ill. CBT thaught me to break the cycle and challenge the thoughts; this mostly works but not always. Every day is a struggle and like I said 98% I'm winning but on those days anxiety wins....my goodness do I wish for the day to be over and the next day be easier.
It's good to read others experiences on here as nobody I know suffers with this, my friends and I joke that I'm a hypochondriac but health anxiety is real and so much more than that.


Well-known member
May 15, 2019
Welcome, poor thing putting up with this for 10 years. Well we are all suffering with the same /similar symptoms and like you I have convinced myself I’m having strokes etc all the time.
Anxiety is horrible but I think we can all help each other through x