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Never thought I'd see the day :)



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Sep 12, 2009
I Never thought I would see the day when my psychiatrist would actually caution me about taking more antipsychotics.I'm on 50mg of resperidal and have the option of topping up with a few oral meds if I'm feeling rough.

But my GP has cautioned her that it is adversely affecting my health, specifically with blood sugar levels, weight gain and diabetes.

I had always assumed my psychiatrist was hell bent on piling on the meds at any cost, but it seems she has actually acknowledged the health risks on this occasion.

So that leaves me with in the middle of an episode of schizophrenic symptoms without the option of taking more meds to rectify it, at least not without more risk to my health.I don't know , perhaps I was wrong in thinking that my psychiatrists mission was to zombify the planet :drool:


im not sure, personally i thik they all own shares in the drug companies ;)


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Dec 3, 2009
Buried under a sand castle.
I like the olanzapine clocks in the mental hospitals..i wanna get one might steal one next time i visit.
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