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never felt this way please help



New member
Feb 8, 2010
hey ho first of all tahnk you for reading this post and your help

this is going to be long but i would appreciate help very much im 17 and a year ago shit hit the fan im only adding this because of helpfullness for your answering basically to shorten it girlfriend or year and half and first gf leaves me shagging another bloke while messing me round for next 6 months realli bad situations to it, then mum goes to mental home this is during the messing around etc all at once yes and more to come, walk in on step dad trying to kill himself, gran dies ( first death ) was not affected much at all i dont think all though we were close, then move into caravan at back of aunties, then take up smoking weed everday ( all of this happened within 2 months and pretty much flows as one ) gets to bout smoking 1-5 joints a day mostly draw/resin rather to bush/grass never ever got bad side effects before bar memory as bad as any other stoner, then came day i was smoking and it was like i was like whoa and felt different effect and hard to hold it together week later still feeling weird when smoke have first funny turn since smokin it for year no more than usual, round freinds heart going crazy pale as anything and shaking friend says its paranoia its this and i say no its not its something else but being stoned is weirding me out bout it, next day still feel weird week later keep smoking but has shot down to a single skinner a day then go to doctors my ears felt weird my whole head felt weird i just felt weird unlike nothing i have before but mentally feel fine more physical go to doctors say my ears feel blocked and i have chest infection anti biotics given and tablets for ears chest cleared ears got worse ( through half way through anti biotics i stop weed all together not by choice but just couldnt anymore felt too weird not right effects) reason i also went to doctors was because i had another funny turn, when ears got worse because tablets did not help another funny turn go to A and E doctors says i have swollen ear drum gives anti biotics clears up fine ask him to look at throat i have craters on tonsils only one each side bout cm squared and i say blocked nose doc says ur probably clearing virus leave it week have another funny turn feeling weak knackered dry mouth ring docs get blood test results come in say im fine it was nurs who took blood so no answers other than probs a virus dont make another appointment decide leave it 2 weeks if same go to docs im on week one and basicallly started with chest infection swollen ear drum put the funny turns and not feeling right down to that chest goes ear drum goes but still weird nose and tonsils butonly normal as if you had one nostril blocked at time but also another strange strange feeling the one that bothers me i feel as if lets say your body is a inanimate object and then the consciousness gets bonded with it and its a human i feel as if i body is not mine and as if im kind of in a dream and as if watching what im seeing is like watching a video or tv and as if im somewhere else as if half in the door way i feel as if im in a very real dream, like if i put each finger to my thumb i can feel it but not how it is meant to feel i have noraml control over my body but not how it should feel i feel as if my life force and mind is over there when my inanimate body is there butmy mind is controlling it by wi fi or whatever ( that makes it sound a crazy way of saying it but it feels physical rather than mental) but only way to describe it never felt like it before, and memory has gotten worse, i dont feel as if mind and body are one they are working together but not as if by each other also noted veins in arms can be fat or realli tight but not so i can feel it, would like oppinions so far what i have got of doctors is feeling as if im a problem and just using the cannabis smoking as a escape route of their precious time to say oh panic anxiety attacks but with no explanation, i want you to give me your opinions taking the canabis smoking in consideration but if your honest opinion is to do with that give reasons and logic behind it, in short i dont feel real anymore and it worrys me to the best of times and yes i pride myself being 17 and not a total idiot like the rest thank you for time and help =]


Hello Clements

I too had a serious chest infection and an inner ear problem - this also affected my eyes
It was horrid, i've never felt so strange - lasted for 8 weeks
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