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Never been fully present in life



New member
Dec 12, 2016
Hi everyone

New to this forum and I'm a sufferer of GAD. I was only diagnosed at the beginning of this year and put on Molipaxin. Since starting the process of getting help, I've been spending some time trying to analyse the way I think and am realising more and more that a lot of things I do aren't "normal". They just seem normal to me because it's all I know.

One of the things I experience is this feeling of being disconnected from myself. I feel like I exist in my mind but I'm weirdly disconnected from my physical self. I never feel like the world around me is 100% real. I've had moments where I've suddenly felt "awake" and I find it overwhelming.

I feel like I'm not really appreciating life and missing out on things as a result. Situations where I think I should have an emotional response, I just feel nothing.

Does anyone else relate? What did you do to fix it? Thanks in advance


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Nov 23, 2015

this sounds like dissociation which seems to run strongly in my family tree, we all do it to some extent.

Therapy is the best route for it, DBT would be good because they teach you to be Mindful.

its very common also. You aren't Unusual, at all, and its good you recognize it because that means you have an excellent chance of curing it.



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Dec 5, 2016
Hi Lauren,
When my anxiety was at its worst, I experienced what you're talking about a lot. It's called depersonalization or derealization. Basically, because you're so focused on your mind/thoughts as opposed to reality, you begin to feel separated from it. What your mind really needs is a rest. We get so deep into our minds because as thoughts come and make us anxious, we push them away and fear them, and so they keep coming back. We get anxious about being anxious, and it's a vicious cycle. Try watching your thoughts and feelings instead of reacting to them. Accept the state of your mind. That piece of advice is what led me to finding peace. When you stop giving thoughts and feelings (including anxiety itself) an emotional reaction, they begin to lose their power over you.
When we stop putting so much effort into thinking, we open ourselves up to awareness of world around us! Try this - put effort into focusing on what you're doing, and when you notice yourself begin to focus on thoughts, label it "thinking" and return to the present. This is called the practice of recollection in Buddhism.
I also highly recommend the practice of meditation, which trains our minds to stay grounded in the present moment. Essentially, in meditation, we let thoughts come, we watch them, and let them go, keeping our focus on a sensation like the breath. I overcame my depression and GAD using mindfulness and meditation, along with other aspects of Buddhist philosophy. I detail my experiences in my introductory post here:
Wishing you peace!
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