Nervous about school



Oct 13, 2018
I've been told that I look like I'm going to kill someone. It was funny in high school but now I'm going to back to school. The last thing I need is for people to think I'm going to shoot up the place. I need to make friends if I don't want people to get me the wrong way. I try to talk to people but I'm so introverted. I'm 245 lbs with muscle and never talk. I always keep to myself. I find it easier that way to focus. I also have an inferiority comflex. So it's pretty tough fitting in. I want to actually succeed this time. I'm nervous about what I'll do with down time on campus in between classes assuming there is time in between. I'm commuting. I haven't been to community college before so I'm a little anxious about how it will pan out. I also have paranoia. I don't want to be judged or made fun of. I also have a learning disability which is also another curve ball. I'm kinda like wtf right now. Any words of wisdom?
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