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Neighbours from Hell!!!!



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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Not sure if this is in the right thread, could you move it if it's in the right place?? :) Thankies.

OK, I'm actually posting on behalf of my friends "Diana & Callum". They're having problems with their next door neighbours - long story, it's over an outbuilding the neighbours are claiming it was theirs, when my friends have the deeds to say it IS theirs. Basically the neighbours "Tom & Anya" have been swearing, knocking down gates, knocking over bins, screaming, intimidating, spitting & picking fights with my friends. The police are involved and all Anya screams at them is "Tom's a very sick man". It's recently come out that it's not a physical illness, but a MH issue.

What I'm wanting to know is; if Tom & Anya are blaming their behaviour on Tom's mental illness why hasn't it been addressed properly? Instead the police are tip-toeing around him.
Diana is terrified of what Tom could do (he's a big bloke) and it's steadily getting worse and worse - he told Callum he'd drag him to a field for a fight last week!!

If I were acting like this, I'm sure I'd be in hospital before I knew what was going on!! Why isn't he?

Any ideas would be welcome! Diana's at her witsend :)




get them on that morning show with that bloke who's like the jim'll fix it for interpersonal dysfunction. whatisname... jeremy kyle, that's the one.

disputes are effective at combating boredom - but the negative energies are ultimately self-defeating.

light some candles and all sit round in the lotus position holding hands.

hug each other and say sorry.

sip camomile tea throughout the process.

can you play guitar?

if you can you might want to assist the process by gently strumming cumby-yah.

otherwise a val doonican or cliff richard cd would suffice.

then, when the good vibe is felt by all, lead them to the outhouse and hand each of them a lump hammer.

instruct them to smash the outhouse into rubble.

as their task is complete and the sun is setting have another group hug and laugh, laugh, laugh to greet in the moon.



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Aug 7, 2009
I'm afraid I don't have a useful response here but just wanted to say that Mark's reply made me laugh heartily and outloud.

It's a rather excellent proposition and one that I should like to witness in action.

Levity is very good medicine : )

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