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Negative weekend



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Mar 27, 2010
What is it about the weekend. Bored,frustrated and very lonely.

Problem is, doing anything about it is so hard. I cant ring old friends, i cant get involved in social groups, i cant force myself to meet people or do anything to get me out of this constant rut. Thing is i cant face rejection, i hate the thought of being laughed at,looked at as if im some kind of alien.

How i would luv chance to book a holiday, do anything that would put fear in me, get my adrenalin pumping, meet a female so;e mate. Anything.

Sorry just one of those many days...


Jan 17, 2010
Hey hon,

I'm married a son and two dogs and I feel excatly like you at times.

Its the state of mind its not just you excatly, the way I understand it is ... its starts somewhere maybe in your childhood negative anxious feelings this starts the thought process which follows you unless you/we address it and work on it.

Some people may have some genetics to deal with...we are all very different getting help is all we can do to move forward.

I have depression and anxiety I am feeling a great deal better than I have but I still have problems leaving the house I have no energy or motivation most days .

I keep a diary with bullet points in for myself...this has helped me it shows I am making some kind of progress even if its watching a programme and actually watching .

Are you seeing a doctor for help?



New member
May 11, 2010
Hey mate!

I think I know what you feel.
I was just like your description, now things are improving.

If you are bored, probably it is because you didn't find something you enjoying doing yet.
You are young, aren't you? Ignore rejection and people's laugh (if any)! Feel free to do whatever you wish (ok, but please don't shoot anyone), because your youth is a pass for everything you want!

Try, try, try everything: you will discover what you was born for. It's hard, but I am sure you will enjoy the process!
If you are hesitant, start reading books and news paper. Imagination will come.

Oh, boy! You told the "f" word!
Don't think about woman right now, try to create solid and masculine friendship first. Girls will come by themselves. Trust me.

I suggest you to watch: "Yes man" performed by Jim Carrey (god, he is brilliant! I would go gay for that guy) and "American Beauty".
If you are stoic, read "the alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.
Those stuff really help me out to find my path.

I hope to have been helpful to you. Feel free to ask me, email whatever.
Please, mate, don't give up!! Never!


I understand too, I have suffered with social anxiety for most of my life.
I agree with Nina, it could well be to do with childhood memories. I feel as if my experiences as a young child (long term bullying, rejection, humiliation, lack of praise and petty rules enforced by my parents etc) affected me growing up and as an adult I've never felt quite right. I still subconsciously carry these thoughts around with me and if anything upsets me I feel like that clumsy, sad, helpless little child again. I need to challenge these things myself.
I think starting in a situation where you don't feel as judged and can participate in an activity quietly without feeling expected to contribute anything is good. Maybe activites around people where you don't actually have to talk to them i.e: swimming might get the ball rolling. Anything to give you a little boost of confidence to help you be able to do other things.
And remember that your negative views or anxieties about yourself often aren't true. It's great to have something that would help to see yourself with fresh eyes. And you have every much as right to do these things as everyone else.

Best of luck....




Can you find a hobby for the weekends. Painting, sewing, knitting? There are charities who want knitted items you could perhaps find one of those. Reading takes alot of concentration which may be difficult. If you are religious why not go to church? And you can always write to us here!! Keep a diaryy and put down all you have done in the week.:hug:
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