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  • Safety Notice: This section on Psychiatric Drugs/Medications enables people to share their personal experiences of using such drugs/medications. Always seek the advice of your doctor, psychiatrist or other qualified health professional before making any changes to your medications or with any questions you may have regarding drugs/medications. In considering coming off psychiatric drugs it is very important that you are aware that most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems. In short, it is not only dangerous to start taking psychiatric drugs, it can also be dangerous to stop them. Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should only be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.

Needle Pricking sensations all over body ?? Medication ??



Active member
Sep 22, 2018
Has anyone experienced these sensations while taking medication?

mom on quetipaine and venlafaxine . I get this intense needle pricking my skin at random points all over my body which cause a really strong itch and then a tingling nervy sensation especially in legs if I get the prickling sensation there . It happened literally anyone and it’s really making me agitated and angry because it’s constant . It’s a bit like bugs crawling over me as well . Has anyone experienced this ? Is it due to medication?


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Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
Have you recently started a medication? I had itchiness all over for 2-3 days when i started lamotrigine. I have had akathisia on another medication.

I think you need to see your doctor/nurse or pharmacist is if it this bad though. You can call 111 for advice too if that is easier.
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