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Needing advice on work/life issues



Aug 17, 2020
Hi,I dont know if this is right page to post this but needing advice as i been struggling for a wee while now & I dont have many friends that i could talk too.

Where to start - i will explain wee bit about myself when i was younger my teenage years i struggled with bullying at school mostly because i was quiet and i had problems at home with my stepfather i went throught alot mental abuse which affected my confidence and other things.
I got help and worked on myself and life become better.But its always there the thoughts.

My confidence still isnt great and i can be quiet around people and be nervous.
After my kids have grown up I felt it was time to go to work which i excited about, it started in april around covid 19 working was great but its a stressful its when this feeling has started again - going into a new place where everyone has friendships and i am on outside still am the atmosphere is weird its hard for me to make friends, so a few of the girls started to be friendly which was nice afew months pass and the atmosphere changed they stopped talking hardly said morning so days become very lonely so i pucked up the courage to say to someone if they were okay ? As they have been very quiet lately and not there bubbly self and they respond by saying no i am fine just working very hard - so i said sorry i picked the situation wrong.( i am still trying to work out people) after that everything was fine.then a other time other time i said morning and how are you? To a other worker and she didnt answer me but doing alot of huffing and puffing so i said you okay again? And she replyed yes i am fine whats wrong? So i replyed saying i had said morning and asking how she was and didnt replied- she then snapped bk saying she had, which i apologized saying i didnt hear her.

A couple of weeks went by the atmosphere was still bad and i had been doing alots of shifts and my online learning courses so i was really tired and started getting really upset one day tears just kept coming.Dont ken why.
After that the seem to get better until i pulled up at work and i told they think i have anxiety problems and paranoid problems as they think i am thinking everyone is talking about me and she needs to nip it in the bud before folk get pulled up for it.And if they arent talking about me now they will start.I dont know whats going - from asking someone if they are okay has become to me being a paranoid person with anxiety problems.Now i am struggling at work and when at home i am feeling ill about going in as i dont want to be there i need the money so i dont want pack the job in . So looking advice on how cope with it as i think its effecting me personally.

Sorry for the long post.

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Well-known member
Aug 15, 2020
I’m not surprised it’s affecting you. If I was treated like that I’d feel exactly like you describe!

If I were you I’d just do the job in hand and leave them to it. Remain polite and if they speak back and leave it at that.

Hopefully once they see you are too busy for their silliness they’ll leave you alone.
Good luck x
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