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Need to rant. Accidentally offended someone.



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May 5, 2019
I feel really bad, but equally offended at the same time.
I dont believe I said anything offensive. The only wrong I did was offer advice when they didnt want any. Which is wrong. I know. Maybe took me too long to realise they weren't after advice, but that's easily done.

They accused me of gaslighting and trying to make them question their own perceptions when I did nothing of the sort.
(News they heard made them view somebody in a negative light after viewing them in a very positive light before this news. I simply suggested to not let this affect their relationship)

I cant mention that I'm offended because I'll just look like an even bigger fool, since they never wanted advice to begin with. But the place they're venting, is the wrong place to accuse somebody of gaslighting when the majority of people on their have been victim to it themselves.
I was for years. It's horrible. I was questioning my own sanity.

I've read and re read and re read and I still dont believe I did anything wrong. Apart from offering advice, which I apologised for.


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May 8, 2019
United Kingdom
Please don't beat yourself up your intentions were all good 😊we all get mis heard misunderstood at times its all part of learning it's ok to make mistakes we all do . you apologised. You've done what you could time to move along and carry on being the wonderful person you are .


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May 5, 2019
Thanks Lora.

I'm able to understand their perspective a bit more now I've racked my brains over it. Just as easily as one word affected how I felt, it could have been exactly the same for them.
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