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Need to find help for gf visiting from overseas - not coping and talking increasingly about suicide



New member
Jun 3, 2014
Need to find help for gf visiting from overseas - not coping and talking increasingly about suicide

My gf is from the US and has come over to live with me. She's here just on a tourist visa currently.
She suffers from OCD, Anxiety, depression, hypocondrea and a bunch more - basically everything there is.

Since she got over here and no longer has her parents around all day as I'm working during the day she's struggling to cope and keeps talking about suicide more.

Went to see the doctor and he was fairly useless and said all he could do is recommend to a psychiatrist but because she wasn't a local (under medicare) it was going to cost 200-300 per visit.

She needs a lot of help and someone to genuinely talk to and work out what her issues are and try feel some stability and get control of herself and her head again.

At 200-300 per visit its like a theme park - you go once a blue moon. We cant afford for her to get proper, genuine, help at that kind of rate - its absolutely insane that a profession supposed to be there to help people with mental issues would turn it into that extreme a profit level.

Does anyone have any suggestions, help, advice, anything at all for what we can do.
Lifeline is obviously great for dealing with on the spur of the moment, just need to get out of this 1hr extreme rut, but it doesn't offer us any kind of actual genuine fix.

Totally lost, confused and drowning. Anyone at all who can suggest or recommend anything I would be hugely grateful for.
We live in Melbourne.



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Sep 29, 2013
Hi and :welcome:

That's quite difficult, if you want therapy. You could try finding an online therapist who works via Skype, their rates are a lot more reasonable as they are often in a cheap part of the world. Or an online support group, I have a friend here in the Netherlands who talks a lot (and I do mean A LOT) to her friends in the US-based online support group that she is a member of, mostly via FaceTime on her iPhone. A local support group might work too, if you can find one which is open to new members. Or you could get her to make an account on here, there are often supportive people around to talk to.

Another approach would be to get her to make new friends around Melbourne, so finding lots of activities for her there and helping her plan her time more. Maybe classes like pottery or painting, or things like yoga and tai chi. Or clubs like baking. Or volunteer work. Being isolated in a new country without people you know is hard, but this would be one way to settle in more quickly and it would certainly distract her from what's going on in her mind.

Anyway, hope that helps. Never been to Melbourne :)


Jan 15, 2013
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

I've had a little trawl through the internet and the only thing I can really show you is this,

Australian Healthcare System for Overseas Visitors - Bupa


Did she take out insurance before she came over? If so I would guess that the pdoc wouldn't be covered but it's always worth a try. If not can you attempt to get some for her and then go from there?

Is there a way that she could go back to her home country briefly and try to sort things out there or will that complicate things?

Also if you would like to, maybe introduce yourself here you don't have to of course :)

I hope you can figure out some sort of solution.

LE x
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