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Need some serious advice



Oct 28, 2020
This is gonna be kinda silly but I need some real talk. I got a job two months ago at a retail store because I'm trying to save up money so I can see my partner this year. My mental health up till that point was actually very good, I was eating well and I was def doing well. I was excited to start working but now that I've been here for awhile, I'm getting more and more depressed. I've been eating less, I've grown more apathetic, I dread every morning and I feel more suicidal. My manager is extremely passive aggressive and I've been berated nonstop by customers. I feel incompetent.
Should I quit my job? I've only decided to get it so I can have my own money to spend on goods and so I can see my partner this year, and they are getting a campus job. I'm not in a financially tight spot after all. This was just something I did to pass the time since I have college things going on as well.
Tdlr: should I quit my job I started a month or two ago? Positives: Money, it helps pass the time. Negatives: My boss is very mean, customers verbally abuse me, my mental health has worsened since I started


Well-known member
Feb 6, 2021
Punta Gorda, Florida, USA
I would quit your current job but only after you've found another job. If not, you could be between jobs for a long time. As far as interviewing is concerned while you have your current job, you maybe could do discreetly a zoom meeting with a prospective employer or meet a prospective employer outside of your current job's work hours.


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Jan 4, 2021
Southern USA
If you are truly not in a tight spot financially and suffering this much; obviously yes.
(No job I ever had was perfect though. I managed to accommodate certain jobs so I could live
where and how I wanted.)


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Jul 31, 2020
You've got boss and customers putting you down every day and your mental health getting worse. You get some money and something to do with the job. Sounds to me like the negatives outweigh the positives there, but of course that is for you to decide. Do you dread going into work, knowing you'll get more insults, basically what sounds like abuse to me? I don't think anybody would want to put up with that for long if they had a choice to get away from it.


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Mar 18, 2021
I agree, it's your choice in the end. But is it worth it, especially if it sounds like its having more of a negative impact than a positive one?

I like the suggestion about finding a new job, then quit to move on. Maybe look into that?
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