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Need some opinions or support



New member
Sep 16, 2008
West Coast, Scotland
I am a 21 year old guy with diagnosed depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with both when I was 15, but I always had lots of friends and good relationships with family and other people. I used to love speaking to people and being involved in debates/discussions within groups.

However things have changed quite drastically over the last year/year and a half. I have become INCREDIBLY withdrawn from my friends and family and spend almost all of my time away from work alone in my bedroom.

At first it was just large groups and new people. I started finding it harder to converse and my anxiety levels were going through the roof in certain situations. It has however deteriorated to quite a severe extent since then.

My current situation is as follows: I am terrified of talking to people. I would do anything to not have to talk to people. I find it impossible to hold a conversation and constantly run into awkward silences and dead-ends. I feel so embarrassed and go red in the face, and normally clam-up and stay silent which just exacerbates the situation.

I dread any social situation. I hate going to work because I have to try and talk to people. Most of the time people just start to ignore me after a while and come to expect my bizarre behavior, and I prefer it that way. Most people around me always start saying they are tired and bored whenever I am around, which puts more pressure on me to say something.

The more pressure/anxiety I feel, the more silent I am. Which makes the situations worse and it's a vicious circle.

It's got to the point I can't even speak to my family or friends (all 2 of them) very well. My best friend has similar, but very mild, social issues, so he empathises and puts up with my weirdness. I have lost all my other friends (used to have dozens) and I never make new ones or manage to maintain the weak acquaintances I do have.

What can I do? My doctor isn't interested, and I feel like I have no where to turn. I used to be so social and outgoing and it really used to help my depression and anxiety (originally unrelated to this current social problem).

Please help.

James Buchanan

Well-known member
Jul 25, 2008
Is it possible to change doctors? I can't believe he/she isn't interested! That's terrible.


New member
Sep 16, 2008
West Coast, Scotland
My doctor is very old fashioned and just wants to feed me beta blockers and get me out the door. Which doesn't solve anything for me.

I am considering going to another doctor at my practice...by my feelings of social anxiety make even the idea of telling a stranger all these personal problems quite a terrifying thing.

I guess I might have to though. Will a doctor even see this as Social Anxiety Disorder...and would they help me with councilling? Or more pills. I don't know.

Anyone who has experienced this horrible infliction (supposed to be the 3rd most common psychiatric disorder after depression and alcoholism) are welcome to tell their story.


If you went to another doctor it would be, initially, quite scary but if they turned out to be empathic it would be worth it. Print your post and take that along with you.

Emphasise that this isn't about being shy or withdrawn but it is almost phobic. One thing common with the majority of people here is that with "outsiders" we tend to play down the way we feel, like our symptoms are just seen as our weirdness.


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Founding Member
Apr 20, 2008
well your only young and i dont want this to come out the wrong way,so i`ll just saythis is from my own experience and probably things i would of liked to take in and made sure i did a bit more with myself back then.

its hard to discribe becuase its years of emotions and so much learning from my own mistakes.

i kinda feel like i should of pushed on with work a hole lot more, i mean just keep going with any kind of job and your really building a future for yourself.
if you just feel like your trapped and you carnt see the next day in your future, i dunno if its the things have to get wers for it to get better theory so try hold in ther.

doctors are kinda reluctant to help people now and then, so i`d just keep going back if you really need help and just keep pushing on or be open to new things to keep you entertained. :)
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