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Need some advices



New member
Oct 13, 2019
hi everyone
I decided to come to this forum to hopefully find some info about some weird things i’ve been experiencing lately.

So basically, when i’m In class, when stuff get a little messy or all over the place I start to feel really overwhelmed : I feel the urge to reorganize everything including my neighbors stuff, I get teary eyes, start laughing nervously, taping my foot and then I feel like I need to like get out of the room to take some fresh air. This happened for exemple when my teacher handed multiple papers and I didn’t have anywhere to organize them or when one of my classmate did a sort of messy drawing on the board.

There is also a lot of moment where the classes themself make me feel very overwhelmed and frustrated, even if I understand what the teacher is saying and so I start to tear up and tap my foot.

In general i also feel way more sensitive lately, I cry pretty easily, and once I start, I have a like a full mental breakdown. I often feel down, angry or bored but it never last longer then like 3 hours before my mood is good again.
This has been going on for about 3 weeks to 1 month and I wanted to know if anyone knew if there is something wrong with me or i’m worrying for nothing.

Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language