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Need some advice



New member
Mar 12, 2010
Hi, first time poster here.
I am here basically to ask if I have bipolar disorder, I have googled symptoms and bipolar seems to match what I have but I am not entirely sure and sometimes think that I'm just making something out of nothing and I am fine. I Thought that people with the disorder will be able to help me figure out if I do have this condition.
Basically I had been feeling very low for years, my abusive father left when I was young and I was upset for years about this, constantly thinking about suicide and general ill mental health. I then got some good friends and a girlfriend and got a little better for about 4 years, no major depression or anything. After me and my girlfriend broke up 2 years ago I seemed to slip back into this depressive state, didn't want to get out of bed,constant thoughts of suicide,thought's of being useless and whatnot.
Anyway about 6 or 7 months ago something seemed to change, I started getting severe panic attacks and was in constant anxiety of going crazy I was scared to leave the house or talk to people and this ontop of feeling depressed as hell I just couldn't cope. After about a month of feeling like this I felt worn out and beaten.
Something changed drastically though, I suddenly just snapped out of it, no anxiety,no depression. I felt great, I felt empowered and I felt strong. I basically acted like a bastard towards my friends and strangers alike for a bout a week, getting into fights getting hammered every night spending insance amounts of money on booze and stuff I didn't really need without any due concern for the consequences. I stopped going to my university lectures aswell. After I stopped acting like this I felt depressed again, not as bad as I used to though but still not right. I now seem to go through stages of this, I'll be all mopey and depressed and hating myself and sometimes thinking I'm going crazy but then a couple of days sometimes longer I'll be this wild spirited person, who's having fun but basically ruining my academic life and my friendships with people and being a bastard.
Am I bipolar? or is this me just me not being depressed? Have I had this reckless bastard inside of me for years and I'm just starting to get my life together?
To be honest i'd rather be like this than being a depressed waste of a life for the rest of my life.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


Hello and welcome to the forum
No one here is qualified to diagnose
But I think with bipolar ther are deep mood swings from deep depression to hypermania - which usually needs hospitalisation


Well-known member
Jun 15, 2008
North West
Firstly :welcome: to the forum.

I agree with Twylight. If you have concerns about your mental health your first port of call would be to your GP, and it would be a good idea to take a list of your symptoms and timescales and see what they think.

As twylight says, severe episodes of bipolar disorder can lead to hospitalisation, where many sufferers are diagnosed. There are certain criteria for diagnosing bipolar disorders depending on presentation, symptoms and duration and doctors will usually only diagnose if the person presents in those states, but this varies.

Has you doctor seen you before when you have had different mood states?
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