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Need some advice re: treatment for BDD please!



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Apr 8, 2010
:hi: Hello! I'm new here. I really need some advice. I don't have anyone to ask for advice IRL.

Basically I was diagnosed as having body dysmorphic disorder aged 19...this was 3 years ago. I had some CBT and it helped to some extent for a couple of months, but then I more or less was how I was before. As a result of the BDD I have obviously got issues regarding social interaction and feel depressed most of the time, and my self esteem is so bad I don't socialise AT ALL anymore, I have no friends, and never leave the house. I have no choice but to go to work, but I get dropped outside the door and picked up from there, and don't leave the office once I'm there and avoid other people I work with.

So basically I was wondering if there were any specific treatments anyone could suggest? Supplements I could take, types of therapy, forcing myself to face BDD and fears, books that might help, confidence courses etc? CBT didn't really seem to have a major effect on me.

I have no confidence and I would really like my life back and to be able to do normal things that other people find easy, but to me are really difficult and a struggle. I feel like a freak :(

Extremely grateful for any responses. :flowers: :thx:
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Aug 8, 2008
Sorry I cannot be of much help but just wanted to suggest one thing...

Every day try to stretch your limits just a little bit, keep a record to look back on for motivation. For example you say you get dropped at the door to work....well maybe get dropped a few hundred yards away then at the end of the street. Perhaps set yourself the challenge of smiling at someone on your lunch break, or ask them if they want a cup of tea (if you have that kind of workplace). Just keep going, identify what you cannot do and break it down into loads of tiny steps, but keep doing it, keep pushing the boundaries, everyday.

I hope things improve for you:grouphug:
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