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Need input



New member
Aug 22, 2009
I am very desperate, so I'm posting this question on every mental health site I can find. I'm bi-polar, I take meds, I do what I can to deal with the symptoms. I have a problem that nothing has been able to help. It has always been an issue to get things done, but it has gotten so bad that I often feel my life is not worth living. I can't seem to get the simplest thing started. It take me hours just to force myself into the shower. My house has become almost unlivable at many times. I will go without food rather than go to the store. I have boxes of dirty clothes because I can't make myself do the laundry. There are times that I really force myself to start stuff. I never seem to make a dent. I exhaust myself just trying to make myself do things that everyone does everyday. I hate myself for being so weak. I feel like a useless slug. No doctor or med has helped. Please if there is anyone out there who recognizes my plight and may be able to help. Please contact me. I know that you can only say so much in forums and I'm not sure I can find my way back to my post. That's how desperate I am. The system doesn't seem to be able to help. Maybe someone can lead me in the right direction.
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Sugar Coated Owl

Sugar Coated Owl

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Aug 2, 2009
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling right now. I can relate to some of the things you've mentioned. I've just had a week off and struggled everyday to just get out of bed. Some days I didn't bother showering and spent about 5 days in pyjamas. I'm not sure I can offer much help but at least you know there is someone experiencing similar difficulties.

Do you have a CPN?

I hope you are able to come back and post.


New member
Aug 22, 2009
Return reply from "need input"

Thanks so much for your reply to my post. Irecieved replies from some wonderful people. It really does help to know I am not alone in what I'm dealing with.
What is a CPN?


Aug 7, 2009
Worth a thought...

Many people with Bi polar and other mental healthissues do not consider getting disability living allowance. If you are unable to deal with personal stuff like washing yourself etc you have every right to get benefits. It might not be the right thing for you but if things are as you say what about using dla for a cleaner just to get you back on top Talk to your citizens advice for help or cpn.
Mental health disabilities have the same rights as physical ones for help.


New member
Aug 22, 2009

I already recieve disability. It took almost 2 yrs. to get on it. The amount I recieve is between $600 & $700 a month. when I had part time jobs, before the financial meltdown I was ok. But now, even though I own my mobile home, the money I recieve is $60 short of paying my most basic bills. I get $130 a month in fd stmps. I only get my meds if I can afford the co-pay. I've sold everything I had of value. Now I understand we are not getting our cost of living raise this year. They say it's because inflation didn't go up this year. I guess the company that I pay my lot rent to was unaware beacuse my rent went up, also my garbage & water.
If you paid in more you get a lot more back, but my work was sporatic and low wage because of my illness. Plus I lost 6 yrs. of work when my oldest child had cancer and I needed to take care for her untill she died. I get the min. amount. They place it at the poverty level.
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