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Need information



New member
Apr 13, 2019
Southern Georgia
So for the past year, I haven't felt emotion. Not a bit. I'm posting here because I recently told someone IRL about it and they called me a sociopath, then told me to see a therapist. While I do admit, it's almost seeming to progress as time goes on, I really don't consider it a problem. I did a small bit of googling, and found nothing that I could see that matched. I figured I would ask for a second opinion from people who may know something, before I make a serious decision.
Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady

Well-known member
Mar 19, 2019
Welcome Matreiou,

Lots of people here can empathise and share their experiences - but this is something you need to talk about with a doctor and get the appropriate referral. We're all unique and symptoms cross-over - you need a professional diagnosis.

This is so important - it affects the rest of your life...so get yourself an expert opinion and use this forum as a support network.

All the best xxx