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Need help with travel anxiety...



New member
Jun 1, 2019
United Kingdom
I've been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for approximately 4 years. It's nausea related. When I am travelling (whether its by car, train or plane), I am anxious about vomiting, even though I don't feel sick, and haven't eaten anything to make me unwell. It's got to a point where I always need to know where the bathroom is, and if I see the bathroom is occupied it sends me into a huge panicking spiral. Before my journey I am anxious about being unwell, during my journey I am anxious about the possibility of the bathroom becoming occupied and when it actually does become occupied, I feel trapped and like I don't have an "exit" from everyone if I need to vomit. I have never actually vomited from this, however my body feels like I could at any moment, which is what starts my panic attacks. I had to drop out of university because of this, and it has taken a lot of time and effort to try and build myself back up again. Two days ago, on my normal (train) commute from work, someone occupied the bathroom for the entire ride and the train was fairly full. Unfortunately, this ended my "panic attack free streak" and it was one of the worst commutes I have experienced. I have had a trip to the USA planned this week, and had been preparing myself for it for so long and got to a point where I felt somewhat okay about boarding an 8 hour flight. Due to my panic attack the other day, it has brought back all of the anxiety and emotions I used to have and I am now dreading this flight. I have chosen a seat that is just a few rows back from the bathrooms but I am constantly worrying about the time between sitting in my seat before take off and the seatbelt sign being turned off at 30,000ft. I know I most likely will not vomit, but my brain genuinely thinks I will and as my flight gets nearer, my anxiety is getting worse. Any advice, or tips would be helpful. I take tums to settle my stomach and also use the Rescue Pastilles, but I am still anxious these will fail me.

(I also do not have a fear of flying, I actually love flying and travelling - I just wish my anxiety wouldn't make it so difficult)


New member
Mar 22, 2018
Hi there, this is a late response to your post so I hope you were able to get through your immediate issues with traveling. I also have travel axiety with the fear of vomiting and i find having something hard to hold on to like my knees or a arm rest can help ground me and ease the feeling of nausea. It also wouldnt hurt to bring an empty sick bag with you do that if you absolutely have to vomit you have somewhere to put it, even simply having the bag in your hand may help you calm your nerves.

But i feel like its important to note that when people vomit in public (not in public toilets) (and it isnt as rare as it seems) most people simply think "oh no that poor person has eaten something bad/gone off" and nothing more.