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Need help with my Father.



New member
Jun 22, 2021
New York
Hi everyone,

My father was on the USS Stark that was bombed in 1987 and suffered undiagnosed PTSD from it. As a result he turned to drinking to self-medicate. He drank regularly during my entire childhood which caused issues for me, including alcoholism, that I've since overcome.

Fast forward to a few years ago and he was in a boating accident with his friends. One of his friends was unconscious and my Dad had him in his arms in the water, but had to let him go or they both would have drowned. His drinking got really bad after that.

About a month ago he tried to take his life. He was put into detox then into a psychiatric hospital for a short time. While at the hospital, after detox, he was totally coherent and knew what he had done. He could walk fine, talk fine and remember everything. My sister when to pick him up from another state and bring him to where we live and by that time his condition had deteriorated rapidly. He couldn't walk, soiled his pants on the way up, his words were totally garbled to the point you could barely understand anything he was saying and what you could understand was complete nonsense, or made up stories. He went from knowing why he was in the hospital to thinking he was in a motorcycle accident.

He was brought to a hospital in our state and didn't improve for the first week. I had done extensive research and came up with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. My sister is in charge of his care and I asked her if they were giving him thiamine. The doctor said only the standard dose of 100mg as protocol. I asked her to mention Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome and then they upped his thiamine to 500mgs. He improved rapidly and dramatically after that. You can understand everything he is saying and he is walking again.

However, he is still confused and makes up stories. I don't feel they are doing enough, as from my research, physicians who are familiar with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome recommend 1000-1500mgs of thiamine a day.

Im wondering if anyone else has had experience with this syndrome as time is of the essence if he hopes to make a full recovery. I'm also going to be looking for doctors and/or veterans charities that may be able to assist.

Thank you so much for reading!


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Jan 5, 2011
:welcome: to the forum. I have heard of Korsakoff's syndrome or psychosis. Its brought on by alcohol abuse isn't it? Can you find an expert in the subject to get the thiamine he needs? As its a vitamin, can't you get it over the counter as a medicine that way? But I don't know if that will be strong enough. It sounds like you need an expert in the subject as I said.

It is very worrying for you all this. Where is he now? Remember to look after yourself as well
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