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Need help to overcome this



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Sep 6, 2016
I am a college student, male, in my twenties.
In puberty developed SA. I would say severe. I was always shy and maybe introverted, but before puberty I was reasonably happy with my life and myself. Had friends, loved to do things such as play games (too much), and much more.
This is where I am now. I can function in college, that is I don't have to avoid any of the "mandatory" things, for example I can give a presentation, work together with others, it is not perfect, but I can do all of that. Nobody who doesn't really know me would think I have quite a lot of troubles, especially in my past.
That said, I don't really have much of a social life. I have carried this feeling around with me for many years, that I want to find someone or some people to really connect to, and share my true interests / myself with. I get easily discouraged when I meet people, because I superficially get along with them quite well, but then I cannot really find the common ground that I want, and I am left disappointed. This cycle repeats itself. But in hindsight I think this not productive. I understand I need to let these things happen more as they come. But again I just can't shake this feeling.
My biggest problem, not uncommon at all it seems for male SA sufferers, is that I have no real experience with girls. I am told I am good looking. I would say in any case I am at least average, possibly more but I find it very hard to be objective. I'm not muscular by any means, but not super skinny either, and tall enough.
I would say I am definitely sexually frustrated. I have a high sex drive I would say (see the other topic I replied to here) and I manage that by masturbating, with some frequency by watching camgirls. I understand it is not ideal, but with no girl to speak of I do not see any other way to deal with this. I would like to hear other opinions on this matter. I would say however, generally speaking, that I definitely am someone who easily succumbs to too much instant gratification.

A more practical problem, which relates to the lack of social life, is that I have no opportunity to meet the girls I want to meet. I study a technical degree in college, there arent that many girls, and the girls that are available to me I am not attracted to. I should add that there have only been few girls that I really cared about so far in my life. Unfortunately I met these girls at the peak of my SA severity. So it was a no go, I was inches away from a panic attack talking to one of these girls. She was very cute / pretty, and had much more confident boyfriends than me, and I was convinced I wasn't good enough for her. The second girl was better, she was quite shy herself, very clever, but also mature in a way that I certainly wasn't at the time I think. This is already 7 years ago however :cry: Since then, I have not come across a girl I liked enough, but that is because I met so few :cry:

I go out rarely, and I don't like it much anyway, mainly because I really care about music, and the music is often so bad... it is very depressing. And I am not close minded about this either. I want to go out and enjoy myself without having to be completely plastered to be able to remotely enjoy that latest #######5 piece of music that some asswipe created in 30 mins... but I digress.

I very briefly tried Tinder, it is quite a big piece of $#%^ in my opinion, I might put some more effort into it at some point, but I am not going to put any faith in that route...
I need a girl in my life though. While I still have a long way to go and to grow, I can absolutely handle this, and plenty of people more broken than me are in a relationship so...'

Finally, I lack maturity for someone my age. This is no surprise however, because both my parents lack this too although in different ways and degrees. I have a lack of emotional maturity I guess.
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
EgoLego, WELCOME to the Forum. It sounds pretty simple and straightforward to me. You need to go to some kind of social event/place/meeting where you will meet lots of new people. It's mathematics; you have to meet a number of girls before you find one that interests you. If you don't go out and meet the girls, you will become an old masterbating man.

I knew a guy who insisted on staying in his tiny rented room with porn and the years went by and his hair became gray and he never found a girl because he didn't even try.

I met my bf at a 12 Step meeting. We've been together for 23 years now. We are best friends and we almost never quarrel. You can have this too.

I once met a wonderful guy at an art museum. We had wonderful conversations about the art. Ask me what happened to him.
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