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Need help- stuck in a cycle if anxiety and one-off I I've behaviour



New member
Mar 30, 2020
I am not able to work at all. I’m a Masters student with a part time job. I wake up every morning and do anything but my work. I have breakfast, watch some tvshow, cook something (for 2 hours) and feel tired all the time. Whenever I think of sitting down to work, I get anxiety that it will take along time, that I won’t be able to do it, that I don’t feel that well and will do it later. I had a deficiency of VitaminD detected, so I started taking pills and it’s gone now, I thought that was the issue but it still hasn’t improved. I fact, after the social distancing and work from home thing, I haven’t done ANYTHING in the past 3 weeks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep feeling guilty of doing nothing, then think there’s too much left to do, then get more anxious. I want to break this cycle but don’t know how. I spend 90% of my time on phone. Even when I sit down to do any work, every 2 minutes I pull out my phone. Another major problem is that I think about sex all the time, every 15-30 mins, I will search for Porn or sext with random hookups. Even if that is not the case and I’m say, reading something or watching a tutorial, when it gets to the hard part and I’m unable to follow, I start thinking about sex and romance. If I want to avoid that, I end up watching a TV show or some stupid YouTube video. How do I concentrate and focus. I know I was able to do this some years ago without a problem. I would study well, score good marks, participate in sports, go out every day, not worry that I’ll get sick all the time. Now I’m always worried about my health and my family and have built SO MANY superstitions in my mind that I don’t do half the things I like because of it and do certain things I don’t like because of it. I keep thinking that I did a certain thing or wore something or listened to certain music and things were good that day (which is rare) so I keep doing the same things. And then I listened to certain music, etc and things were not good that day so I don’t do that at all.

I don’t know how to control all this. My life is all messed up now.


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Mar 9, 2020
I think the problem seems to be your phone ... I know it's not safe to go out now but how about going to some quiet public places to work/study for example the park?? Bring your laptop with you o something?