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Need help please



Active member
Apr 10, 2020
Hi all

Struggling is an understatement . This helps me understand I'm not alone.

I am suffering with acute increase in heart rate followed by chest pain and a numb. The attack last longer than a normal one.
The physical symptoms are very back. I can feel my whole body trembling

Anyone else having this its happening several times a day and when it's not I'm on edge


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya. No I don't suffer like this but I do sympathise strongly. Have you seen a doctor? Pills aren't the only answer but they can help with the worst of the symptoms. I would see one if you haven't already. If you are on meds then the ones you are on aren't working well enough so you need a review.

Have you ever considered Mindfulness? Its worth doing some research on the internet regarding it but we do have a very brief intro into it which might be of some help.



Apr 14, 2020
This is a panic attack, isn't it?
When does it happen more frequently? When you are in anxious situations?


Active member
Jan 8, 2019
Hi, I think it’s a kind of panic attack, it’s very similar to mine.
I sometimes get rapid heart beat and feel that my breath is out of control. It scares me sometimes and my head goes blank. But I don’t have chest pain.

Are you aware of what triggers you or how your emotions affect the symptom? Are you on meds and did they work?

When mine first started I thought something is wrong with my body. I was super panicked and thought I was going to run out of breath and collapsed. And felt really really dizzy.

After few events of having rapid heartbeat and going to doctors I finally realize I was having panic attacks. And since then when my heart jumps out of rhythm I try my best to talk to myself because I know myself. If I’m doing good and being okay for a period, this rapid heart beat issue seldom happen. If I’m stressed about something lately , the number will become more. That’s how I notice my symptoms.

I dunno if these help but you are not alone :hug:
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