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Need an opinion on getting help



There's a chance this could jump out to a thousand page post because I'm not to sure how to go about this but basically I want some opinions, hoping someone will be able to help me out here, maybe knock off a few possibilities and help narrow down a few things for me.

Essentially, I don't feel good and I don't know what exactly is wrong.

The long version of that is this;
I'm 20 year old male and I've been going through 'bouts of depression to larger and smaller extents since what seems to be around 12 (since puberty I guess) and in the last few years I've also had a few anxiety problems which I did receive a few weeks of therapy for (and while not gone, are minimal these days with the odd exception)

My main problems are that I have mood swings, something small that shouldn't matter to me would have me from feeling good to feeling absolutely desperately lonely and sad. I've never had a successful relationship due to both this kind of stuff and due to low self-confidence and shyness (which I'm working on)

I used to be quite overweight but in the last few years I've lost about three stone. I do think exercise helps me but it certainly doesn't get rid of it all and I'm a bit lazier at the moment.

Sometimes I think I'm bi-polar... or just insane... and I worry about it. And while it's never severe enough to make me do something crazy it does interfere with my life way, way more than I want and I've decided it's time to narrow it down to some possibilities... this is where I'd like help.

My anxiety is not severe and I think I can past it myself with time but the mood swings are just too much.... I want to have more stable relationships and friendships and I just can't with the mood swings.

I'm open to the possibility that it's a hormone problem.... low testosterone possibly? I definitely recognize some of the symptoms associated with that but it doesn't seem to be something that happens to someone my age.

Some other random bits if it helps: I'm loosing my hair (which my father did at my age) and it doesn't really affect my self-confidence nor is it something I'm actively fighting but maybe that could have something to do with testosterone or something? Also, I still am a bit overweight but not much and I'm going to try and exercise more to get rid of the last bits of fat on me!

I'm tired of being depressed over people I used to date, and getting upset and worrying over things that don't matter. The mood swings are definitely something I need to get rid of. I'd definitely consider myself overly... emotional with certain mood swings.

Perhaps also important: I have been known to be reasonably fond of the 'aul beer. I'd usually have 6 pints two nights a week and probably twice that during holidays or Summer breaks from college. I am going to cut down a lot of it, mainly to see if it reduces the mood swings. Could be an important detail.... I don't know.

This whole post is a bit messy but I'm hoping something might jump out at someone with some experience and they might be able to suggest some things for me that might be causing it.

Thanks for your time anyway.
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Dec 9, 2009

Hope its not keeping you up all night thinking. I know the feeling if youre over analysing yourself and need sleep....its impossible.

I think a visit to the Docs may be the way forward, as much as we want answers from this forum, its best to seek medical help and dont leave until you have a few options.

Mood swings are horrendous and its causing me to withdraw from seeing all my friends....the thought of me leaving to go to work in 5 hours makes me want to cry, yet i was laughing this afternoon and enjoying myself.

Hope we can both get answers.



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Dec 1, 2009
loosing your hair is due to an excess of testosterone hormone, my friend is your age and is loosing his hair, it just happens in some families and is usually normal.