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need advice



May 16, 2010
I'm looking for advice, desperately hoping it will make more sense from people with first hand experience rather than the robotic answers I get from my docs.
I have suffered from OCD and depression which started in my early teens along with an eating disorder. I suffered in silence I suppose for many years, I am now 32 and only approached docs for help when I was 28.
I have tried loads of meds, citalopram, venlafaxine,sertraline,paroxetine,duloxetine(which made me gain 3st in weight) anafranil and now escitalopram.
I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I've had CBT which didn't help as the psychologist I saw based my treatment on a stereotypical "hand washer" which does'nt apply to me.
I finally got to see a psychiatrist last oct where they diagnosed me (and I use the term loosely) with BP2. I had managed to lose 2st of the weight which has now piled back on when they gave me quetiapine.
I am currently taking 50mg of escitalopram daily along with 50mg trazodone and 75mg pregabalin.
I am completely lost as to what to do next and I am seriously thinking of stopping all meds as they do very little for me.
Please, any advice would be most appreciated and I'm happy to share more information about my problems if it means getting the help I so desperately need.
4yrs of talking to doctors have got me nowhere, except for being 3st over weight and back using laxatives, I'm so frustrated.


Well-known member
Apr 23, 2010
goodness knows!
Sorry to hear about the position you are in...I don't know enough about eating disorders to help you.
Some forms of depression can be very difficult to shift, I have been on so many anti depressants I was ready for giving up too. Finally I found that Venlafaxine helped me.
It is worth remembering that AD's can take some time to 'kick in', so give them a chance if you are able.
If you do decide to abandon medication, then remember you should really do it under professional guidance...don't just stop, do it gradually.
If you search you may find some threads about this very subject with advice from members who have already tried and been successful at coming off their meds.
Good luck, I hope you find what works best for you.



May 16, 2010
thankyou, I'm just working my way through some threads now,finding some of it helpful.I did stay on most of the ADs for some months but none seem to do the trick. I think when I started I thought "this is it! I'll get sorted now." but 4yrs down the line and I'm losing hope of finding a med for me. i don't think my docs realize how bad it is for me sometimes, maybe I need to push them a bit to find me suitable meds and get me moving up that never ending waiting list for help.
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