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Need advice please, partner sliding to the dark side



Apr 30, 2018
Evening everyone. My partner was diagnosed with bipolar II a few months back. Not sure how it manifested itself, her father is bipolar and so was her late mother who passed away when she was young. She has been getting worse recently, was prescribed lamictal but sadly, was too scared to take it and now the lows are getting close to the point where it is affecting every aspect of our lives. I have had more time off work because I can't leave her, and now she's starting to talk about not being strong enough to be here anymore. Even if I try reminding her of the kids that I know she adores and would never to anything stupid to cause them loss, she says she is past this point now and says the only way to get help to her would be to lock her up in hospital. She was referred to the primary care liason team, but has since been discharged for failing to attend the appointment, ironically the mental health department is 5mins walk from the house. Now I have to somehow get her back to the doctors, fight again to get referred and wait for another appointment. But I fear time is running out, I'm in danger of losing my job and I'm scared that the wheels are gonna come off one way or another further compounding the issue. Don't know what the fudge to do for the best I really don't. All this and she wants me to keep it to myself.
Please advise, I'm in a mess right now :(


Former member
Sorry this is happening. You can't keep baby sitting her though or you will lose your job and you all would be worse off. I know it's hard but you gotta get back to work for your sake. I wish we would convince others to take care of themselves. I hope she makes the mature decision and seeks help. i guess just keep coaxing her. I wish you good luck mate. :hug: