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Need advice on BDD



Aug 17, 2020
Um I’m not quite sure if this the right place to post this since I’m new to this, but I came onto here looking for suggest on how to cope with or improve what I suspect to BDD, (I’m not in a situation where I can go to a professional to be diagnosed). I have very mild acne and I’m extremely insecure about it to the point where it’s begun consuming me. I have an extremely difficult time leaving the house to go to school or go out period, the only way I can go out is when i hide my acne under my hair, which in turn causes me to touch my hair every two seconds to make sure it covers my acne which I’m sure is causing me to break out more. :(((( On top of this it’s causing me to have panic attacks when I think about going to school and as it’s getting worse I’ve begun injuring myself when I lash out at my family due to the stress. :(((( please if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do I’d really appreciate the help.
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Nov 10, 2019
Hello Mitty Moon, i am so sorry i missed your post. I also had acne when younger and not much helped. I eventually took medication for it, a milder one, then had roaccutane which is quite a serious drug. It worst amazingly but it is harsh on the body and apparently linked to depression.

I went backpacking and my skin completely cleared up which is so strange. It was diet and exercise which people always talk about and i would roll my eyes. Maybe it was stress gone? I was living on such basic foods, nothing processed.

If you are this unhappy, maybe talk to your doctor about roaccutane or similar.

Microdermabrasion, there is some laser/light treatment, i don't think they are miracle cures like the roaccutane.