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Natural therapy psychiatrists



Apr 20, 2010
Ontario, Canada
Some years ago, I was planning to do activism in an arena where psychiatric diagnoses are often used to suppress information. So I saw a lawyer with several subspecialties, one being mental health, to discuss what I should do before going public.

She suggested I ask a psychiatrist, whom she had known for years to be honest, for a mental evaluation before beginning the local activism.

As it turned out, I receieved a diagnosis of 'no signs of mental illness.'

But what I also learned might be useful to members of this forum. She overwhelmingly depended on naturopathic therapy, which includes changes in daily living and high quality nutrients. She was immensely popular, and the lawyer told me her patients really appreciated being free of the often serious side effects of psychiatric medication.

I had no way to locate such a doctor myself, but by going through a lawyer who had been face to face with doctors in court for years, serving as a 'mental health defence lawyer, the lawyer knew who the 'honest brokers' in that city were. I located that lawyer in the yellow pages, in a city of about 500,000.

I would guess that even patients currently under treatment might be able to locate a natural therapy psychiatrist this way, with an idea to finding a way off, possibly, no guarantees, off of the psychiatric pharmaceuticals, and do so safely.



Well-known member
Jul 16, 2009
I was lucky enough to find a GP that had studied and specialized in Orthomolecular medicine.Over a period of one year of taking nicotinamide and other vitamins and minerals I was able to wean myself off the anti-psychotics.
I have yet to find a psychiatrist that would be willing to work outside the current model of treatment.Most psychiatrists I have spoken to have not even heard of Dr Abram Hoffer.Kind of ironic....you would think a psychiatrist would have a natural interest in researching these things.
Anyway .....my suggestion would be to find a GP that has studied Orthomolecular medicine if you cant find a psychiatrist.Once well you can then go to a psychiatrist get evaluated and be given a clean bill of health and have your rights as a human being restored.
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