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Natural Anxiety Herbs



Apr 16, 2009
When it comes to the treatment of anxiety many have wondered whether or not herbs really work as a proper treatment. Did you know that many conventional anxiety medications actually contain a percentage of natural herbs? This is because there is truth to the fact that they do work.

What are the best natural anxiety herbs?

For one, perhaps you have heard of St. Johns Wort. It has been known to help with cases of anxiety and depression especially when the problem is mild. Moderate and severe cases have reported that the herb works well in the beginning but then becomes less effective after several weeks of taking it.

Valerian and Kava kava are two more popular herbs for the treatment of anxiety. Both of these herbs have shown to help people who are suffering from insomnia. Since there appears to be a link between the sufferers of anxiety and insomnia, Valerian and Kava kava have also been known to be effective for anxiety treatment. Kava has also been known to be an herb that shows fast results. Some have reported seeing reduced anxiety levels in as little time as the first week of taking it. Valerian root will promote deep sleep which can help with your health and reduce stress levels.

Chamomile and Ginseng are ancient healing agents that can help with anxiety as well. They can be found as tea and can be used as multi-purpose herbs to achieve optimal health.

Keep in mind that you s


Jan 29, 2009
Kava Kave

I am sure I remember hearing that Kava Kava had been taken off of the shelves for some reason??:confused:
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