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Names for community health teams



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Jan 21, 2009
My local crisis team used to be known as Crisis Resolution Team/Home Treatment Team (CRT/HTT) aka as Home Treatment Team, but now the PCT or whatever have decided to disband it and call it Psychiatric Acute Community Team. Also known as PACT.

I'm sorry, but that's the most bulls*** name I've ever heard. :stomp: It's bad enough that they now work 9-5 (Yeah I'll try having a breakdown during office hours, cheers). Anyone got any similarly named teams where they are? And what would you like to call your team if you had the chance? ;)


It feels as if I've spent most of the last 4 days on the telephone, learning nothing except new acronyms, phrases and job titles, and being arrogantly fobbed off at the end of it all.

Recovery Team
Enhanced [care]
Access Officers
Assessment and Shared Care (ASC) Team - I actually knew this one, but it has now changed, to:
Acute Mental Health Team (9-5), not to be confused with:
Central AMP (Approved Mental [Health] Practitioner) Team (24 hours)
Triage Team

This is one of those times when I wish I were a playwright or a novelist, so that I could turn this sense of utter frustration, betrayal, shock and disbelief into an angry work of art.

I was suicidal for 9 days in a row; I knew what kind of help I needed; now I'm just angry, exhausted, bitter, and hopeless. Only my anger is keeping me going, but soon it'll turn to self-loathing and suicidal despair again.

The system would drive you mad even if you were perfectly mentally healthy at the start of trying to deal with it. It exists to serve its own purposes and nothing else.

P.S. I could think of a few good names for the *******s!
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black and white cat

Lying fucking wankers is a good name. Perhaps i will write and suggest it.

On a more rational note... i like the name actually. Why do you dislike it so much?