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Myriad of Phobias



May 12, 2019
I wanted to write down a list of my phobias so that it might resonate with someone that they're not alone in their fears.

I've always been deathly afraid of moths and cockroaches- to the point where I uncontrollably scream and flail in the presence of one. I have absolutely no idea where this fear has come from. They just make my skin crawl.

Then I'm afraid of loud noises, to the extent that I avoid going to the theatre to see certain films as I'm too afraid of the loud noises being amplified through the speakers. I actively avoid anywhere where there will be loud noises, and Bonfire Night is greatly despised.

I also have a phobia of insects crawling out of holes, and holes in general. I'm not sure why this is a phobia of mine either, other than it sends my into a state of panic if I witness anything to do with insects and/or holes, like termites.

I have claustrophobia, too, to the point where even cuddling someone too tight will make me start to panic until I get out of that situation. I think that could be due to my asthma though, as anything that restricts my breathing sends me into a state of panic.

I fear hospitals and most things related to medical things. This is odd to me, since I can tolerate gore, and I'm fine getting injections.

I have a great fear of natural disasters, too.

None of these fears affect my daily life except loud noises and moths, although they can be easily avoided. I do, however, have social phobia and agoraphobia which are both crippling to me, and do affect my daily life constantly. I hope to seek therapy for help for these phobias one day :)


Well-known member
May 9, 2019
Not sure if this is a devious comment, but regarding the fear of loud noises, have you tried earplugs. If it's that bad there are very good earplugs out there that suppress loud music and noise (for example) although maintain clear sound.
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