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my wife: nice to my face, nasty behind my back



Aug 7, 2009
my wife talks about me in a bad way.
She calls me allsorts of things to her friends and family like she hates me or im some sort of monster.
Whats really odd is that she dose'nt act like she hates me when she's with me..
I get the impression that she wants every one to feel badly towards me and all the problems we have in our mariage are because of me.
She dosent invite her friends round and I have come to conclusion that maybe she's worried that they will see a totally different person to what she makes me out to be.
Why doe's she do this ??? does she have some sort of mental problem ?? she only speaks of me in a bad way..never if I have achieved anything or I did some thing nice for her (which I do often).
Can anyone help with this ??
I am now afraid to go to her parents with her because I worry about what she has said about me and when I have her mother has said some thing odd to me and can some times be nasty to me....and I dont know why..when I ask my wife why was she like that I just get "you know whats she's like, she's like to everyone "


Hi Marc

What evidence do you have that your wife is saying all these things?

When your mother inlaw says these odd or nasty things have you ever asked her what she means by that, rather than your wife?


Aug 7, 2009
no..I cant ask her mother that..it would be seen as me trying to be difficult..I once put my foot down and all hell broke lose...her daughter can do no wrong in her eye's even if I went there with an axe in my head and said look what your daughter done..her mum would blame me and say I probably did some thing to deserve it.
I have seen evidence and heard it
Lion Heart

Lion Heart

Well-known member
Jul 24, 2009
tell her you have had a anuff of it & things have got to change because you are not happy,be straite with her & her parent,dont just sit back and take it even if thing do come to an end,you should not have to put up with this sort of bull NO WAY MATE

i see this sort of thing happning to one of my best mates all the time & i try & tell him to just tell her but he's to worried cos he does not wont to split up with her.

this is the only thing you can do mate unless you wont to sit back & hide & take it all forever

if she loves you mate she will sort it out i no

all the best
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