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My voices...what are yours like?

Da Cuckoo

Da Cuckoo

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Apr 17, 2015
I have two.

One is of an elderly woman of a Indian origin.
She usually talks to me by calling my name in a scolding manner - usually when I'm in bed just after I've turned the lamp off. Hence many years of insomnia.

The other I call wendolene. I don't know why I call her this name.

She's 70% nasty and 30% nice. She's the reason I don't open all the curtains and blinds because she will either shout swear and curse or will cajole sooth and remind me she's trying to protect me.

I won't open the door if someone knocks, "don't fucking open that door you fat c*nt" or "they're coming to get you" (them are those outside who can see my thoughts) or "don't answer it I'm only looking after you".

It's the same with telephone calls.

I have 7 cats I can be petting and stroking them. Wendolene can say "these are the only ones you can trust so look after them" but it can turn has easily to me stroking them under their chin and her saying "get hold of it by the scruff if it's neck and stick your thumb hard under its chin". These are a few examples.
Wendolene sounds like a 50 something heavy smoking northerner - not unlike my sister.
She is the angel and devil on my shoulders in equal measures.

What are your voices like, are they named, do they have personalities, make or female?.



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Oct 21, 2014
Mine vary. Mostly I don't give them names. Last year I had one, a middle-aged male, quite educated voice, sometimes he was ok, but mostly he wasn't nice. He was always telling me what I should do - not command hallucinations, but just would go on and on. So I referred to him as the Adviser, although I didn't talk back to him.

At the moment I have four, an older man who is horrible, very critical, just says nasty things all the time. A young man who says random things. Two females who sound as if they could be sisters, talk together, unpleasant. I am fed up with the lot of them. Fortunately it isn't constant.


I hear male and female voices.

At 8 years old I was sexually abused by a girl who was older than me.

I think the female voice is her, she is very nasty to me, she will pour scorn on my thoughts and say I deserve to die.

I am not sure who the male figure is but he tells me what to do sometimes, "why don't you commit suicide"

I hear other people also who I know and don't know.

Can hear voices laughing at me and arguing between themselves,

Have tactile hallucination that are sexual in nature and are probably linked to the voices.
Some are freindly
When I am alone I hear them say "Hi", they will try and spark a convasation up.

The voices are not chanelled or imagined, they are sudden often interupting my thinking and thoughts, intermitten through the day but yet transient.
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