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My Voices Seem To Be Humans Part Of The Time



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Dec 20, 2016
After many years of human, or not human, I can not now ever fail to believe that humans are involved in my AVH (voices). If it's not them directly, then I do know what or who it is, but I am certain there are no other life forms in the universe. Since I cannot believe in Ghosts, Demons, Skincrawlers, Beings, Mind Control Experiments, Aliens, or any thing like them, I can only conclude that humans are responsible. That would explain to me why they so commonly work in shifts. I have copies of posts from various schizophrenia forums from as early as 2015, and in those days, un-moderated sometimes, the evidence implicating humans was much more graphic and direct.

Accordingly, I have arrived at, deduced if you like, the following:

If they say they are demons etc, say there is no such thing (which there isn't). Say "you have a syphilitic type infection": Parent disease: Sexually transmitted infection. And that's my conclusion. The voices are the responsibility of humans, who have some sort of organic brain disease as the result of a syphilitic type infection, and this is sufficient for them to avoid seeking medical intervention. Notwithstanding, the culpability, and profitability (either financial or psychological), of continuing to learn to utilise the side effects of their infection.

Causes: Treponema pallidum. State - "You don't necessarily have syphilis, but an infection that closely resembles it. Why don't you read some Nietzsche, such as 'On The Genealogy Of Morals' or 'Beyond Good & Evil', and notice the similarity between your statements and questions (what you say), and mine!" [Ideally, the best way to prove this is for you (the schizophrenic), to keep or record 1st person transcripts, quote unquote what gets said between you and your voices (AVH)].

My voices (AVH) can't argue with this hypothesis.

If I ever use ATS, my voices make pornography. One of my voices (JD) says she gets a commission for organizing them. Sometimes, if I purchase pornographic DVD's, I see people I have met in them, just as they say. I don't have prosopagnosia. This fact makes me want desperately to commit suicide. I was fertilized in a pornographic movie, and I hate it. I have seen the one, featuring my father, and two women, one is my mother. I do not approve, despite my behavior.


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Nov 10, 2019
If they were real people, they would have a body. If they were kind spirits surely they would be in heaven. I don't know what they are, maybe as the psychiatrist says, they are your imagination, your brain creating images and noises. It is sad they are distracting you from being here and present in this world, this present day. Sydney, what a pretty place and you are in summer? Do you swim? I don't know if you are in lockdown there but do you swim in the sea? It is one of my favourite things to do. I have been to Sydney.
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