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My voices know more than I do...



New member
Mar 28, 2018
I have been hearing voices for years. I haven't heard anyone experience it in the same exact way as me. Most people talk about their voices as talking "to them" or talking "about them now". My voices are other people talking about me but from other rooms or locations. Sometimes I can tell who it is. Other times I don't know. It always happens when I'm alone or very quiet.

So let me describe something and I'd love to hear someone else's take.

I had a job interview about a month ago. It was at 9am and lasted til 11:30. After the interview, I was really tired so I decided to take a nap. I haven't been sleeping well for a while so daytime naps are sometimes a must. Anyways, I had trouble sleeping because the voices started. They were talking about my interview. They were describing me. They said "He did a good job". They said "He seems very intelligent". They said "He is bilateral". I thought Bilateral? What are they talking about? I couldn't sleep. I googled bilateral on my phone. I found medical definitions but nothing that made sense. I gave up trying to sleep and had some lunch and haven't thought about it since. I ended up getting a email saying I didn't get the job. I moved on. So tonight, I decided to read up on hearing voices strategies to help with sleep. I browse the INTERVOICE website and stumble onto a comment with someone asking about "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind". I google it and stumble onto the show Westworld and that the finale is about the bicameral mind. I was amazed! I don't know how I knew that or heard that from my bed when I was trying to fall asleep...but it makes sense. At the interview, I answered very thoroughly and even argued points of both sides as I answered their questions.
I am just confused how I could know something without even knowing it myself at the time. I heard the voices from my bed describing me. I hear many voices talking about me. What does this mean?


Well-known member
Nov 29, 2017
Can you have absorbed information when you were younger and just not realised it? Like I've never read the bible but after I found god I heard a type of voice say "the first word was god" and when I finally went to church the pastor read it out loud from the bible. It's an old memory that I must remember from my childhood.

Like a voice told me god exist and I felt love for the first time the next day but god didn't speak to me. My brain sent a word through my body but like when I talk to religious people they think he talked to me. Maybe he did but I've lost faith because all my friends think they're teachers and have forced me to loose faith.

It's really interested what you've wrote though. I wanna hear other people views. I hope you don't think you're crazy cause you sound alright to me.


Well-known member
Jan 6, 2017
A voice once told me something I didn't know. My toilet was leaking around the base so I unbolted it from the floor and pulled it off to find that the flange that the toilet bolts to had broken loose from the pipe under it and that's where it was leaking. I had no idea how to fix it and thought I had to call a plumber for expensive work, but the voice told me I can buy a new flange that fits down into the pipe like a funnel and you screw it to the floor. So I went to the hardware store and looked in the plumbing section and amazingly I found a plastic flange exactly like the voice described. With it, I fixed my toilet beautifully! I am so thankful to the voice. It saved me a lot of money by not calling a plumber.


Mar 13, 2018
Hey i wouldnt worry, my voices do it all the time!!!

pls excuse my punctuation, im typing on a tablet computer and its faster to not use all the punctuation.

My voices are greatly diminished compared to what they were a few weeks ago due to (1) helping people and animals and saying "thank you" a lot (2) using a therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique. The thank-yous and the helping bring up negative emotions that need to be healed, and the EFT then heals them.

But back when things were bad, I got sectioned in a psych ward for three weeks. One day my voices said the name of one of my relatives to me. This was very weird, cos normally they said 6 or so very unpleasant words over and over, and nothing else. But about 10 seconds after they said my relatives name, that relative walked through the door of the ward.

For quite a while i thought, like most people, that my voices were coming from my subconscious. But then they started telling me things that were going to happen, and those things then happened. Always very minor things, and never any lottery numbers.

Because of this ive believed for many years now that my voices were spirits. They were very nasty in the begining, and kept telling me to do bad things to myself. But then i used EFT to get rid of very negative emotions that i had eg "God is evil and hates me", then the voices got a lot nicer and are decreasing every day, and now they give me instructions inside my head instead of outside ie instead of through my ears. Plus they are getting nicer every day (im still using EFT every day to get rid of remaining negative emotions) and now they tell me to help animals, help people, be vegan, deliver animal welfare leaflets around peoples doors, stop using plastic, use home made cosmetics, do volunteer work, etc.

i have the time for leaflets etc at the minute cos im unemployed but they told me inside my head (not through my ears) that if i keep using EFT and keep helping people, i will eventually get another job (although they will still want me to do a bit of volunteer work after i get my job too, just not as much).

Your voices might just be trying to prove to you that they are not coming from your subconscious, theyre coming from outside of you. Thats what my voices were trying to prove to me.