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My voices claim they are real people



Jun 6, 2014
I wrote all this about 35 minutes ago, then it had disappeared. My voices claim they are all Freemasons. I have always wondered if this forum is run by the same associates, especially since my last post went missing in less than half an hour.
I have been keeping 1st person transcripts that show the modi operandi of my voices, and details some of the things they have said to me over the years. I am frequently is a rush late at night posting information on Facebook etc to try and cover myself because my voices keep saying they are going to murder me because of what I know about them.
They have always claimed to be real people. As I said, Freemasons. Currently they say that two Senior Detectives in Perth WA (SD Cream & SD Wilson) are trying to ‘stich me up’ for a crime that I am not responsible for. They are corrupt and their investigation is tainted by corrupt approach to the established procedures. They have been changing the Incident Report to suit themselves and have been tampering with the evidence. They are investigating me because two of their Freemason bretheren (JD and SS) (associates) have been submitting false and baseless claims that they have heard me “boasting” about having committed a crime, when in fact I haven’t done anything of the sort. Indeed I haven’t even seen these two people for more than 15 years.
I have distributed the transcripts that incriminate them to several people, and the encryption certificates to some other people. I have also been making sporadic postings on Facebook and Twitter to establish my own alibies and to leave a trail of evidence if they should succeed in murdering me. I have to delete the Facebook postings after only a day or so, because they are difficult to believe and defamatory. I am hoping the court will issue a subpoena duces teca that will enable me to retrieve the postings from their backup server.
Anyway, I am bemused regarding what happened to my original post. I hope this one endures, or I will have to contact the administrator and change forums.


Active member
Jan 3, 2016
You could take screen shots of your posts to keep as evidence.


So you knew two Freemasons 15 years ago, and now your "hearing voices" ? Maybe, your hearing them because of your beliefs or your view of the Freemasons. Is it possible that you believe they are capable of more than what is possible?


I just think your overthinking it. I don't think anyone wants to harm you. I overthink a lot too.


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Jun 15, 2021
The voices I heard hear too have said they are Freemasons they claim and have asked me for the password they said it is the mark of a master mason to have telepathy
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