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My "Voices" - Can someone help me?



Nov 26, 2008
Hey there...not sure if I've posted in the right spot, but I feel I should get down the basic facts of my voices. I know that they're there, but am not sure they're the same as most other people here. Please help me figure this out! Description of my voices is as follows: I often hear voices that are not part of my concious thoughts, yet they can still be distinguished from outside sound. I hear them in my thoughts and can "feel" them in my ears. They always seem to come from a specific direction and point in space; they may come from nearby, from physically inside my skull, or ten feet away. Sometimes they are people that I know, but most are strangers. I can't distinguish about 95% of what they're saying. It's like listening to someone through a wall; you can hear the timbre and intonation, but the words are mostly muffled. Sometimes there is a large crowd of them; sometimes only one or two. Every once in a while I'll get a clear word or sentence (and occaisionally a short conversation); usually they're commenting about me, my actions, or my thoughts (sometimes answering them); other times they'll talk directly to me; but sometimes it's like a completely irrelevant and random conversation that doesn't concern anything of importance at all. It's like listening to people who have no idea you exist. So sometimes I ignore them and they sort of become "background noise" in my mind. And it's not always voices. I sometimes hear musical instruments as well. I'll suddenly get the impression of a piano or acoustic guitar, usually bass notes and it sounds like someone is just banging out random sounds from them. Occaisionally I will hear other instruments, particularly a violin or cello, but this is less common. And sometimes I will hear either a low rumbling sort of sound or a high-pitched noise (the latter of which I have been hearing all my life). I think I got most of the basics down now, I congratulate anyone who took the time to read all of this, and if you can help me figure this out, I would really appreciate it. It's not that I can't stand hearing these things (I even sometimes enjoy their "company"), but I would just like to know what's going on.


Re your voices.

Good morning

First and foremost you are not mental and you are most certainly not going mental.

I also hear acoustic guitars, drums, violins as well as the voices.

Just try to accept them and don't go wondering about why they are there too hard, they certainly will not harm you.

The worse that can happen is that you may get a little confused when there are so many of them around but that will pass.

If you start seeing things that are not physically there, don't bother too much about that either. That will also pass.



Nov 26, 2008
Thanks that was the type of info I was looking for.:) I feel a bit less confused now.



Most of us like to think of the voices as parallel universes
or realities, spiritual and humanity. The main thing to remember
about the voices is that they are liars, jokers, pranksters, who
look at this as a sport. It's enertainment to them, as they have
nothing better to do. They will place bets on how far they
deceive or trick you into believing or doing crazy things. Don't
fall for their tricks.

Study astral projection and conscious astral projection, and you
"MAY" begin to understand.

Also take note of this post:



Nov 27, 2008
I was with you in the description through when you were saying that you could feel as if they were emanating from points or directions in space and that you could differentiate from true sound. Otherwise it seems my own experience is not the same.

If this is a recent development, you might find that over time it will change. It's been a little over a year for me. In the beginning it was very subtle and occasional, then at times it was like a deafening auctioneer or a carload of rowdy teenagers, and more recently like having a few friends in the room with you.

There were times also when the noise was so intense I was getting nausea and my head felt like an electrical storm, like something epileptic. So, my thought is that this is not a harmless phenomena at all times, and you have to be careful.

As for the high-pitched ringing, this may come and go, and if you have a good ear for pitch or tuning forks or something it might be interesting to know if they change slowly over time. Probably they're too high to play on any real instruments but something electronic or a method of octaves could tell.


Active member
Jan 15, 2021
I can't believe I'm not the only one! My voices are there listening waiting to chime in but sometimes it's like they want me to listen for them instead of (whoops) speaking clearly. Mine started as people I know then went to be God and Jesus. Now they are just random, critical but helpful reminders to check before I cross lanes or be careful when with strangers.
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