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my voice



I hear a voice that is my voice, and it's impossible to have a dialogue with her (like in the book by Ron Coleman and Mike Smith)because she says only broken sentences,very confused. Can you suggest me a way to find out what does it mean and how to cope with it?(I can't understand what she wants from me.)I think that there are some connections in my brain that don't work properly, what can I do?


Hi Sara,

You say you think brain connections aren't working properly so I would trust your instincts and seek the help of a doctor.
You may want to start with your M.D. and he/she may refer you to another doctor; a specialist such as a neurologist/psychiatrist.

You have to start somewhere and you'll be relieved to know you certainly are not alone.
Sometimes the brain isn't functioning properly or there can be other conditions whether physical or other.

It is a strange and scary thing when one hears a voice and I believe you're doing the right thing in not conversing with it especially since you can't understand it.
I as others have been down the road of doctors and I see no harm in starting here.

Keep busy and try to keep your mind occuppied in the meantime.
Go out and be around people; don't let the voice hold you down or stop you from doing what you want and like.

You're ok, just having a very unnatural thing occur in your life.

Best Wishes,

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