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My View Of Voices



I think it can be like balancing two scales. If they say things that are negative and you know that what they are saying is wrong, you have to balance it again. I think it takes time to get the scales in balance again

I think that saying it to yourself or writing the reasons why they are wrong will help.


I agree with you. To me, it's also like driving a car with one wheel out of balance and a strong pull to one side, you have to keep you hands on the steering wheel to maintain a straight course. We may all hope that medication will correct the "wheel imbalance" but medication does not always produce the results we want.


Well-known member
Sep 29, 2013
I think the first thing to do is to keep a diary of what they say to you, either online or on paper. That really helps to give you some overview of what they say, how quickly things change and patterns and themes that repeat. It gives you a much better handle on what's actually being said, rather than just what's going on in your head.

But the journey of working with your voices takes time. For some people enough good energy and positive emotion will help, and the right kind of insight can help as well.