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My unhelpful and irrational thoughts strike again.



Apr 18, 2020
My unhelpful thoughts and irrational thoughts have reared their ugly head again- this time at 3am this morning whereby I’ve had to wake up my husband to be reassured that he’s not saying anything inappropriate in a group WhatsApp message to the woman that works in his team 🤦🏻‍♀️
I am seriously struggling with this. I am not jealous of this woman, and if you have read my previous post on my irrational mind, I really have nothing to worry about as myself and my husband are a strong unit and we love each other very much. I have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about- so why on earth do I? Why on Earth an I constantly making scenarios in my head that are quite frankly taking over my life.

I know where it all started from- it’s ever since he started work there and called my sister (Soph) her name (Steph). He is in a team of 4 and has to work closely with her to get his work done. Ever since the name drop- I have never got over it. It’s strange though because he mixes names easily, for example, he has called a friend, Ben, bill because bill is a guy that he works with closely. He has even called his guy mates and even his mum and sister ‘baby’ accidently because That’s what he calls me 🤣 I know that he does this- so why have I taken this one thing and blown it out of proportion? Why can’t I let it go even though I know he’s done it with other names?

This whole new WhatsApp group that she has made with all 4 of them has really thrown me. I worry about what she’s putting in the group (3 guys and her) - is she being really flirty etc. Is she sending pictures? (Incredibly highly unlikely!) I get there has to be more communication via WhatsApp etc as they are all working from home at the moment- I just don’t like what I can’t see.
I cannot stress enough the trust and love I have for my husband and how much it’s reciprocated. I just don’t get why I am being like this; and why I keep giving this woman so much air time when it’s not needed.

I can’t keep telling my husband about these worries I’m having. I don’t want to get in the way of his work or make him feel like he has to walk on egg shells around her, especially as they have to work as a team. They need to work as a team and I feel that my irrational thoughts are stressing him out and making work difficult for him. He has already said that he will find another job if it’s causing me this much anxiety- but of course I have said no and has made me realise how much my thoughts need to change.

Thank you for letting me rant I really hope that someone has endured reading the whole of this. I would appreciate any advice or any comments from anyone who may be in the same boat as me.


Well-known member
Mar 31, 2020
Feel free to rant always. :peace:
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