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My SUCCESSFUL story of how i overcame PURE OCD



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Mar 9, 2016
Hi everyone , so i'll be talking about my successful story of how i overcame PureOCD / Intrusive Thoughts. Please read all this article , it will help you so much !
I had Pure OCD for 1 year and 5 months ! and it had been 1 months since im ocd free , i have no longer anxiety or intrusive thoughts AT ALL .

Please read all the story , although that my story may look childich or very normal to you , but trust me , i experienced the Extreme of Anxiety , i was sweating and had panic attacks and all what you can imagine as severe anxiety . and more than that it was in a an obssesive thought that stayed with me FOR 1 YEAR AND 5 Months .
Every person has his own anxiety provoking thought , they seem absurd for the rest of people but for the person that has the ocd , it his HELL .

It all started in summer 2014 , before that , i knew a girl for quite a long ( many months ) , we knew eachother on facebook , i've met her sometimes , we used to chat all the time , but she was just a normal friend on facebook that i know and that's all . during summer there was this meeting , and i decided to meet her , i approached her like any guy would do if he knew a cute girl , but at that the time when i came back home , and started chatting with her , I FELT THIS HUGE ANXIETY that appeared out of no were , when i looked at her photos , my heart would race so much and feel so anxious , ( you would supose that i only like her ) but trust me , that was not the case !!! , when i liked a girl , i would have this wonderful feeling , but that time i felt a HUGE AMOUNT OF ANXIET , i was sweating and had panic attacks.

How can someone feel so anxious when looking at a girl he knows , i felt like losing my mind because it was so absurd and crazy .
At that time all what i wanted to do was to escape this FEELING , and this is when it began

During the first 9 Months after that , all what i did was escaping , i would try not to think about that girl so as to not feel the anxiety , i would talk with other girls / watch videos / do any activity to occupy my mind so as to escape the thought (her ) , this is the probleme not only i felt anxiety but it was an obsessive thought that stayed in my head whatever i did

And basicaly NOTHING WORKED ! she was on my mind 24H ALL THE TIME even when i tried to forget her and occupy myself with other things , i was like a prisoner of my own mind , not being able to get rid of the intrusive thought and as a result feeling HUGE AMOUNT OF ANXIETY ALL THE TIME

May 2015: i started to like another girl , and without details after a certain period , i felt this ANXIETY with this Other girl ( AND THIS WHEN I KNEW THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG , because it was not the first time that this happens )

But instead of replacing her with other thoughts or occupy myself with orther things ( ecaping ) , i started to search on the internet about Obsessive thoughts , OCD , and i gathered so many informations since that time , that i can Resume to you what made me Ocd free , since it had been 1 Months since i didnt feel anxiety ! i could finaly feel FREE , i'm able to think and concentrate about anything i want , i feel like my OLD SELF BACK .

So let me start :

You may have read that your ocd is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain but that's not true ! I myself , believed this too , but i found out that it wasnt the case.
If you search about the cause of depression , you'll find everywhere that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain , a Serotonin imbalance caused your depressive mood . But wait a second

As an example : If someone is depressed because he lost his mother , was it because of his loss of his mother that he is depressed or was it the " chimical imbalance " that caused his depression ?

Similar example , when you think about very sad events and get depressed , is the low serotonine in your brain THE CAUSE behind your depressed mood , or is the low serotonin A REACTION since you were thinking about sad events.

1) Exposure Therapy : Exposing your self to the things that make you anxious is how your anxiety will decrease A LOT ! and eventually disapears after a time .
OCD Exposure Therapy is the most effective way to get rid of ocd or any other Anxiety disorder.

And this is what happened in my case (after a long period of exposure ), by thinking about the girl and seeing her many times and meeting her , trust me , at some point i could feel no anxiety AT ALL

2) " The more you try to not think about something , paradoxicaly , the more you'll think about it "

For example : if i tell you " Dont think about bananas , like really DONT ! " , i'm sure you'll think about them more, each time you remind yourself to not think about bananas.

4) Avoidance and Escape are the reasons why people keep this desease , because by avoiding something, YOU ARE SENDING THE MESSAGE TO YOUR CONSCIOUS AND NONCONSCIOUS MIND that BECAUSE YOU FEAR THIS STUFF , YOU WILL AVOID IT , and what does your mind do ? It will Remember that your fear this thing .

(just like my first 9 months of trying to escape the thought , and occupy my self with other things )

5) MOST IMORTANT ELEMENT after exposing yourself to the anxiety and after knowing that the thought doesnt mean any sense , now comes the most important stuff wich is


As i said earlier fighting back your toughts by trying not to think about them , will only re-enforce them , and you'll think about them MORE . So just let them be in your head , give them space ! welcome them ! your mind will know that you accept the thoughts and that they have no meaning and as a result YOU WILL BE SURPRISED ABOUT HOW much the thought will diminish to the point where they will no longer be in your head .

After a long journey in Hell (1year and 5 months ), after so many time and the feeling of losing my mind , i can tell you everyone that it is possible to overcome ocd just like i did ! i was always telling my self what is the thing that made me like this , since it started in summer 2014 , like THERE must be a cause , or a thing that was wrong and that lead me to this situation , and by thinking truely and searching for the truth of the things , i came up to this result

in my case , i found out about " Philophobia " wich is : the fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love ,
and indeed i had some previous bad romances , that may lead me to this anxiety stuff , and by doing the compultion ( trying to escape the thoughts , forcing my self not think about the anxiety provoking thought ) my anxiety lead me to Pure Obsessive compulsive disorder.

it is all behavioral , and by changing step by step , i could come to this result wich is ocd free.

I hope you all will overcome ocd as i did , and just know that is possible , im an example of it .
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Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
:welcome: overcameocd !! You have found a good forum for your post. I read your whole post and am impressed with how much you put into writing it. I am so glad you are doing better. :) I hope lots more people will read your post. What a positive thing to share.


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Mar 9, 2016
Thank you my dear ! i hope other people will read it and share it :)

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