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My struggle with a lot of intrusive thoughts negatively affecting my daily life, preventing me from paying attention with sufficient efficiency.



Sep 22, 2021
Hi all. I solved a lot of my psychological problems with meditation but there is one thing I couldn't overcome. That's the random inner voices constantly distracting me from concentrating on the things I like to focus on. The reason why I am unable to ignore those thoughts is that I assume my thoughts are read by strangers. If you are curious why I care so much about such an unlikely situation, it is because I have a lot of ringing in my ears not due to brain damage but because I am being remotely tortured with electromagnetic broadcasting at different frequencies. I believe I am a targeted individual. You can learn what it is from google, too. Even if my thoughts are random, lots of nonsensical mental chattering occurs with sometimes coincidental sometimes quite irritating old stuff. The problem is I necessarily come across an embarrassing thought at the end I can't help but start fighting with my thoughts ending up with a lot of confusion and the more intensified negativity inside my head :( Or occasionally, a couple of quite private events or feelings pops up inside my mind. This is also very annoying. I have certain ideas about how I might get around this issue but I am not completely sure as to how to progress after this point. Do you have any thoughts on that or beneficial recommendation? Thanks in advance!


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
hi MasterOfMind :welcome:

I recommend you seek out a hearing voices group online video meeting
as well as using this forum
its very important to talk about these things

I hope you find the forum helpful


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