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My story with ARFID



New member
Dec 12, 2020
Hello all, hopefully I can post this here. This is part one of my story with ARFID. I will be adding to it until it’s complete.

It is quite a long read but I hope it will be worth it for someone wanting to find out more as when I was growing up there was very little information about this.

Firstly, I would like to start by saying that all what I am about to tell you is my personal experience, and may not reflect everyone who is diagnosed with ARFID. If you have concerns about yourself, please speak to a professional. That being said, I hope that someone will find this helpful and is able to relate in some way. Feel free to drop me a message with any questions.

About me
I want to remain anonymous right now but also to give some background which will help add context to my story below.
I’m currently a 23 year old male living in Leicester, UK.

I was born into a home with my Mum and Dad and start this story when I was around 3 years old living in Salisbury.

What is ARFID?
Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder is a condition characterised by the person avoiding certain foods or types of food, having restricted intake in terms of overall amount eaten, or both. (Source: beateatingdisorders) In my case it is the types of food, rather than the amount eaten that I have an issue with.

The early years
Until I was around 3 years old, I had no issues with eating. I would try anything and had a wide variety of food to choose from. I was healthy and never had any medical issues connected to food, and had a healthy weight. However as I got older (3-4 years) I became much more selective with what I ate (I will get on to how selective and what sort of foods I eat later).

Going back a year or two, my Mum and Dad’s relationship began to break down massively. Combined with the fact that my Dad was in the military and saw many months away from home, as well as the arguments at home, this caused a lot of stress and tension in the house (much of which I don’t remember). My Dad is very passionate about food and will eat almost anything, so when I became more picky it frustrated him. In one instance he became so angry that I didn’t eat the dinner he made that he locked me in my room whilst I was crying my eyes out. This upset my Mum who tried to reason with him, however this only led him to become angrier, throwing her onto the sofa. I don’t remember any of this and have pieced it together through what my Mum has told me over the years. This would be the starting point in the decline of my eating habits as well as a poorer relationship with my Dad from then on.

It is a natural process for most children to go through a “picky eating” phase when they are toddlers. This is said to be a survival instinct in humans where the mind will reject some foods in order to not be poisoned. This is where “safe foods” can come in. It’s my belief that I simply was never released from this phase partly due to the stress and threat caused by the story above. However even at this point I still ate a wide variety of foods including meats, fish, fruit and veg amongst others.

Events over the next 10 years would ultimately shape the eating habit I have today. Through direct and indirect actions from family, friends and different agencies each would have their part to play in how I viewed and responded to my eating habits.


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Dec 9, 2020
i had a sore stomach last month. i though it was food poisoning. i was upset because i didnt want to have to boycot the foods i ate previously out of worry. i thought maybe one of these two types of food i ate that day caused it. and i like to buy those alot. so i didnt want to fear them.

turns out it was just my appendix. i got it removed. it wasnt the food


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Feb 7, 2020
Shadow01 that sounds like a horrible experience you had in your early years. It's no wonder that it traumatized you.

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