My son, and an adderall psychosis



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Jan 25, 2019
Hi - My son went into an Adderall induced psychosis this past Christmas.

I was telling the doctors in the Er that he was in an Adderall induced psychosis. He had two different 30 mg perceptions of Adderall every month, he finished both prescriptions in 10 to 14 days. The social worker in the Er sent him to a mental health facility. When he left for the Mental health facility he understood what was going on he was doing well acting pretty much like himself except he would tell us he was a prophet. He called me from the facility after being there for 3 hours, he sounded good, we were going to see him 3 hours after his phone call. Right before we were going to see him they gave him Haldol which made his whole body go rigid and arch, he became non responsive and had labored breathing. They rushed him to the Er, we spent several hours at the Er testing him, he was non responsive and his breathing remained labored during this time. He was admitted to the hospital for a few days, there he seemed to be getting better. He was sent back to the mental health facility, he still thought he was a prophet. He was put on seroquel which made him worse, then they would give a higher dose of seroquel he got even worse they would take him off the seroquel. Then start him again on the seroquel and every time he would be worse then when they first started him on the seroquel. They put him back on the seroquel, he wasn’t great but they wouldn’t release him if he wasn’t on it . He was at the facility for a month. He is off all meds now. He has good days and bad days, he still has trouble with foucusing he does drift off. He has never been diagnosed with mental illness. The psychiatrist that he was seeing for the last four years only saw him for 10min each visit to give him his prescription of adderall 30 mg slow release in the morning and 30mg of Adderall in the evening. The last several visits my son only saw his intern. After all this happened the psychiatrist is just now saying that my son has been depressed for awhile. Then why would the psychiatrist continue to give him the adderall ? Why wouldn’t he look into the depression? My son is in a psychosis still, he has only gotten worse with the drugs he was given. I think all of the antipsychotic drugs may have really damaged his brain, that the haldol that was given to him almost killed him. Does anyone have any knowledge, input or advice? Thank you all for reading


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Dec 26, 2015
As I read through your post I am shocked but not surprised by your son’s treatment. It really reads like ineptitude on the part of the mental health hospital why o why keep giving him the same medication even a vet wouldn’t give an animal the same meds.

When I first read your post I had to look up what adderall was and I found this so a bit confused by it anyway might be an interesting read see what you think.

The reason why the shrink will give continue to give your son medication is that the shrink will get paid for doing so that is the bottom dollar of it. As what you have said makes no sense in the treatment that your son has received.

He wouldn’t look into the depression cos shrinks just imo prescribe drugs. Its very rare that I hear good things about the mental health either in the uk or the usa.

I would encourage you to find another way. Maybe start to do things differently such as

food is linked to mood
sleeping hygiene

all these things above might sound lame and sorry if they do but they are helping me as I have had what you call run ins with prescribed meds and have had to find another way.
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