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Jul 25, 2016
Just to give an update to my current situation. After being discharged from basildon mh assessment unit, despite protests from ,my community team, I was unable to cope with my anxiety, the pacing around my room , sleepless nights began and after 5 days without any sleep, I was approved emergency accomodation at a Mental Health rehab unit. in the community. Iam now getting 24 hour care.Apparently it's almost unheard of to get approved for this while living in the community and the other residents have come from hospital long term. My meds have been changed and Iam sleeping better. Iam grateful for this support,but I do think this could have been avoided with much less financail costs if the council and mh team had helped more with community support. Iam no longer living independently and am no longer trusted to take medication alone. My diagnosis was also changed to PD whileI was in the assessment unit. My own community psychiatrist mentioned complex PTSD to me yesterday,but the labelling while in hospital bothers me. I was also told inpatient care doesnt help me at all, maybe they are right but it's like they have given up in a sense. On the assessment unit,we were all regardless of diagnosis basically left to rot in the tv room all day. You got no therapy just drugged up and there was numerous violent incidents. I don't think anyone could get well in such a place. It was a snake pit..Some of the staff were horrendous. They barely interacted with you unless you became disruptive then they all jumped on a patient to inject them. I never got that luckily because I kept myself to myself but I witness'd it. I saw a patient smash her head repeatedly into a wall and the staff stand around and watch her give herself concussion and they had to call for paramedics to remove her from the unit.I saw patients attack other patients where the staff didn't intervene ,and severely assault members of staff,only then when they attacked staff were they taken off the unit by the police apparently to the PICU or the secure wards.You had severely aggressive violent patients on the ward with you for days,keeping the whole unit awake at night without a lock on your door. Again who can benefit from such a place Iam not sure,but apparently I have PD because I didn't benefit and need now 24 hour care,I suppose at least Iam getting something,but Iam so depressed Iam deemed not fit to live in the community. . The whole system sucks.I don't sadly think lack of the money is the only issue, it's the culture within mh services. Blaming the patient if they don't improve.


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Jan 4, 2013
So sorry to learn of your experiences, glad your getting more support.
My ward was very violent to, it is frightening.
Hope you feel better very soon.
Here to listen anytime.
Take care