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My psychopath ex has made a fake Instagram profile and is stalking me. Why?



Aug 3, 2018
My psychopath ex has made a fake Instagram profile and is stalking me. Why?

It’s been almost 2 months of NO CONTACT with my psychopath ex who ghosted me.
He literally had all the traits of a psychopath. Anyway after he ghosted me, I didn’t react neither did I block him.
He unfriended and unfollowed me immediately after ghosting me. After that he’s come back and forth on my profile and unliked my photos, which I found highly immature. Anyway, he refrained from seeing my Instagram stories as I’d be notified.

Now, he has done something even more crazy. I realised a new account had been watching my Instagram stories. Not following my Instagram profile, but keeping a check on my stories. It looked like one of those fake accounts, and it went by a woman’s name. Then some photos were uploaded with captions similar to mine. Now recently this account has got a few followers, all of whom are my ex’s friends. Why would he create a fake account? I just don’t get it.
Is it common for exes to do something like this ?


I had someone that did this to me too, constantly making new accounts, messaging me and my friends to try get a reaction out of me

the best and only thing you can do is make all your accounts private, only accept follow requests and respond to people you actually know or look legit, or just ignore it in general, he clearly wants you to get paranoid about it and react to it, so don't, if you confront him or do anything back it'll only make things worse

people who do this are jealous and bitter and they don't want you to be happy or move on without them


Well-known member
Oct 9, 2016
I agree with Melodiousa,

Just make all your privacy settings to private, only accept friend requests from people you know and don't allow just anyone to follow you.

There's no point spending valuable head space trying to analyse someone like that - it will just mess with your head.